Transient Orcas and Resident Orcas!


-Sea lions!
-Eagles and seals!
-White pelicans!

We had an awesome trip this morning from Anacortes, where we saw a ton of wildlife including seals, sea lions, porpoise, and orcas! The sun came out and we had an awesome time visiting with the marine mammal eating T49A transient pod and some members of the fish-eating J Pod population. Our visit with the killer was great. as we got to watch the T49A’s travel together in a tight knit group, and watch the J17’s, and J22’s forage along San Juan Island. One of the young calves of JPod stole the show with multiple breaches and tail-lobs, just playing around and goofing off. It was so fun to watch this young orca just amuse itself, as it was totally playing on it’s own while mom was on the hunt for food! We also saw four Steller sea lions hauled out on one navigational marker! We saw lots of harbor seals, including moms with pups, and one pup that was a new-born! Eagles were around too, and a very cool highlight was watching about two dozen white pelicans circle Cap Sante as we came home!


Animals of Spieden Island!
Seals and Eagles!

A fine trip this evening was in store for the folks aboard the Island Explorer 3! We stopped at Pointer Island to see some harbor seals, and then cruised west toward Canada to catch up with JPod orcas. We saw the youngest members of the family in a breach and tail-lob contest and had an amazing close pass with L87 Onyx. All this with the beautiful Stuart Island shoreline as back-drop with the Turn Point Lighthouse as well! Sweet! We saw Sika deer, Fallow deer, and Mouflon sheep on Spieden Island, as well as some bald eagles. The waters were calm and the rain was light, a great evening trip!

-Michael Colahan

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