J pod orcas out of Anacortes! Both trips!


-Harbor porpoise
-Bald eagles
-Harbor seals
-Minke whales
-Orcas in Canada
-Orcas along Lopez Island

Our morning trip began under slightly cloudy skies which soon gave way to sunshine! We spotted numerous harbor porpoise throughout our journey. At Bird Rocks we found a mature bald eagle and a few harbor seals hauled out. We slowed down at the south side of Colville Island where we found two more mature bald eagles and a lot of harbor seals. A couple of sharp eyed passengers found us a couple of minke whales, but we had our sights set on something further to the west.
We trekked out to Canada to meet up with members of J pod orcas! We saw J17, J28, J25, J27, J47, J22, J34, J38, J31, J39, J16, J26, J36, J50 and J52! They were grouped up traveling eastbound, allowing us to spend more time with them! We also had nice looks at the Race Rocks Lighthouse. We watched as they played and rolled and splashed around. Eventually we had to leave and head back toward home port. We had another treat in store for us! The rest of J pod was headed along the Lopez Island shoreline. We didn’t have time to stop, but we caught a couple of quick glimpses before we continued on. What a great morning!

-Harbor porpoise
-Harbor seals
-Bald eagle
-Orcas along San Juan Island
-J26 (Mike) steals the show!
-Blacktail deer

On our evening trip, we took a turn down Rosario Strait where we spotted many harbor porpoise! We slowed down at the south side of Colville Island and found several harbor seals hauled out and a mature bald eagle perched on the top of the island. We made our way along the western side of San Juan Island where we spend the rest of our evening with J pod orcas, specifically members of the J16 subpod (J16-Slick, J36-Alki, J52-Sonic, J50-Scarlet and J26-Mike). J26 stole the show as he pushed offshore and it looked like he was fishing. He swam right by the boat, under the bow! Absolutely incredible! We spend a lot of quality time with them before we had to head back toward homeport. We were able to do a slow down through south Lopez Island and Castle Rock. We found a blacktail deer and another bald eagle. It was simply a wonderful evening spend on the water! 

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