J-pod All Day!

Trip Highlights:
*Capt. Cart finds J-pod 15 minutes into our trip
*J-pod spyhops
*Harbor seals, bald eagles, harbor porpoise

Trip Highlights:
*J-pod breaches in Canada
*Harbor seals, bald eagles, harbor porpoise

Our day started with Capt. Carl spotting J-pod in Bellingham Channel 15 minutes into the trip!!  The whales were breaching when he spotted them.  It was J-pod (A group) and we watched them swim into Rosario Strait in a tight group.  The highlights of the trip were three orca spyhops, including one from L87, Onyx, who swims mostly with J-pod.  We spent plenty of time with Granny, Onyx, and the J19 subpod especially on this trip.  We also spent some time with harbor seals, a bald eagle near its nest, a black oystercatcher with a chick, and harbor porpoise.

During our second trip we watched the same group of J-pod orcas, but this time up in Canada.  When we arrived the action was just beginning, as we saw breach after breach after breach!  After they settled down a bit we watched lots of tailslaps, some fishing behavior and a spyhop!  These whales made the rain seem like it was nothing.  We spent plenty of time with the J14, and J19 subpods on this trip.  We also spotted harbor seals, harbor porpoise, and a pair of bald eagles on this trip.  What a great day with J-pod.  Naturalist Bart Rulon

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