Breaching minke and humpbacks in the morning! Orcas in Canada in the evening!


-Harbor seals
-Steller sea lions
-Crazy awesome minkes!
-Three humpbacks

Our morning trip started out with blue skies and calm waters. We took a turn to the south and spotted some harbor seals hauled out on the south end of Colville Island. A sharp-eyed passengers found us a harlequin duck as well. We pushed offshore and found two Steller sea lions hauled out on the north Hein Bank marker. As we were slowed down to view these guys, our first whale of the day popped up! It was a minke whale! As we were waiting for our first whale to resurface, Eli found us three more minke whales who were racing towards us! I had never seen anything like it before! It was literally like they were racing  each other! One of the minke whales even breached! Amazing! We continued to the south where we found another species of whale! We had two humpback whales surfacing side by side! We could hear their exhalations and see the white of one of the humpback whale’s pec fins! We continued to the east as the animals made their way further to the east! We eventually had to move off and continue on the search! We came across another humpback whale! This one was tiny! We spent a couple of surfacing with this whale before we headed back toward homeport with lots of sunshine and flat water!

-Bald eagle
-Harbor seals
-Orcas in Canada
-Harbor porpoise

On our evening trip, we trekked to the north. We didn’t have much time for stops on the way because the report was we had orcas way north in Canada, headed away from us! We did spot a mature bald eagle on Huckleberry Island as we cruised north. At one point, sixteen harbor seals popped up in our wake! We continued into Canada. The last boat on scene had to depart, so it was up to us to track down the animals! Captain Carl saved the day and spotted our group of orcas which included the T123s (T123, T123A, T123C) and T124C, among others. Most of the animals were grouped up and continuing northbound. We had some great looks and T123 and T123C even came over to say hi! Eventually we had to leave the orcas behind us and make the long trek back to home port. On our way home, we spotted more harbor porpoise and another bald eagle!

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