J-pod Returns!! But Surprise Transients steel the show again!!!!!

Anacortes pm
Trip Highlights:
*J-pod A group approaching Active Pass
*Transient orcas show exit Active Pass right in front of J-pod
*Beautiful seas and scenery with the whales

We headed north for our second trip of the day to catch up with J-pod orcas that swam in from the ocean this afternoon!  They were moving quickly toward Active Pass and we reached them just before they got their.  When we arrived they were spread out pretty well and we spotted J37 first, then we got a great view of J2, Granny, leading the pod to Active Pass.  We spent plenty of time watching her, and then we got the surprise of the day!  Another whale watching boat came through Active Pass in order to view our whales and they stumbled upon a bunch of transient killer whales heading right out of the pass!  It was the T100 and T101 pods, and we headed up to take a look at them.  They swam out of the pass and headed nothward, away from the J’s.  They were grouped up and looking amazing with the beautiful, rocky background behind them and their exhalation blows lit up against the dark background of tree reflections.  The big males, T101A, T101B, T100C, and T102 wowed us with their size compared to the smallest calf we saw today!  We got some great views of these orcas, and after we had to turn and head back toward the dock we managed to find another pod of transient killer whales!  Wow!  Their was a big male in this group, T51

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