Blustery Day – But We Got WHALES!!

Port Angeles PM:

Transient Orcas inside Port Angeles Harbor
A young orca calf!

No bones about it, today was quite a windy day, but with hopeful passengers, dedicated crew, and an experienced captain, anything, and we mean ANYTHING is possible!

We began our journey heading east toward Dungeness Spit, but reports of possible whales elsewhere drew us into more open water. We aimed toward some of our typical humpback whale stomping grounds but the wind and waves made the search challenging. When the time came to return home, long faces were plentiful, but a reminder that the trip is never over until we’re back at the dock proved incredibly poignant today, because as we rounded Ediz Hook into the harbor, Captain Dennis spotted KILLER WHALES in front of the Coast Guard station!

This family of five transient orcas, believed to be the T77’s, included a large male and a young calf! They traveled all the way into the end of the harbor giving us some much appreciated viewing time with shelter from the wind and waves.  After watching for quite a while, we made an announcement that the next series of breaths would be our last before returning home and the whales, as if on cue, rose to the occasion and did an extremely close pass just 15-20 yards behind the vessel! Talk about a grand finale!

Today was a great reminder for all to never stop searching!

Erin 🙂

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