Amazing Transient Superpod Action!!!

Trip Highlights:
*Multiple Transient killer whale pods (a Superpod)
*Greeting ceremony between multiple pods!
*Breaches galore!!
*Orcas surf in the wake of a tanker!!
*Lots of bald eagles today!

Naturalist’s Log:
Today was one of the best trips of the year!!  We watched multiple transient killer whales socialize and play for our entire visit with them!  As soon as we arrived the action began and it never ended!  Young orcas were shooting out of the water in breaches left and right as they approached us, and we even saw a synchronized double breach!  We definitely had the T36B pod, T99pod, and T49C in this group among others!  Then when the huge wake of a tanker came over, these orcas took advantage of the opportunity to surf in the wake!!  It was amazing to watch these black and whites slashing through the waves and coming out of the water with rooster tails behind them!  

As if the action couldn’t get any better we could see that another big pod of orcas was swimming in form the north.  Our orcas put on the breaks and gathered in a tight line together waiting for their buddies to join them.  This second group including the T123 pod and many others.  We had a transient orca greeting ceremony!!  The two groups went under the water and stayed down for quite a while, probably getting to know each other all the while.  When they all finally surfaced together the playtime just continued to go on and on!  We must have had at least 20-25 animals in this superpod!  What an amazing trip!  Naturalist Bart Rulon

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