Lunge Feeding Minke Whale!!!!!!!

Trip Highlights:
*Two minke whales
*A lunge feeding minke whale!
*Bald eagles galore, Steller sea lions, harbor seals, and harbor porpoise!!

Wow, what a day we had today with some extraordinary wildlife surprises!  We had our first wildlife stop at Bird Rocks, where we spotted 5 bald eagles hanging out, most likely guarding some food they had stashed behind the rocks.  Two bald eagles spent a long time staring each other down while we watched!  Who knows which eagle eventually won that battle?  Later, Capt. Mike made a great decision to head south for one of the best minke whale shows of the year!  At Partridge Bank we spotted a couple of minke whales that were particularly cooperative and entertaining! After a few great views of the whales Mike spotted a bait ball forming at the surface, and drew our attention to it,  as the birds started to gather!  No less than 10 seconds later one of the minke whales burst out of the water lunge feeding on the whole school of candle fish!  The lucky fish went flying out of the water, and the unluckly’ ended up in his belly!  What an amazing surpise!  Mike called in the other whale watching captains to share our cooperative whales with them.  Later we found another minke whale, lots of harbor seals, and 5 more bald eagles at Minor Island!  On the way home we spotted two adult bald eagles perched side by side at Castle Rock, which was a special request from a couple that was on the boat today!  What an amazing day on the water! Naturalist Bart Rulon.

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