Orcas in Canada on both trips out of Anacortes!


10AM Highlights
-Bald eagles everywhere 
-Harbor porpoise
-Harbor seals
-T36As and T75Bs take us to Canada

We began our trip with multiple bald eagles along the eastern side of Guemes Island. We continued north and made our way north of Orcas Island. We stopped by Parker Reef where we spotted several harbor seals hauled out and a couple more bald eagles to add to our total. We trekked toward Canada and found some orcas south of Skipjack Island. It was the T36As (T36A, T36A1, T36A2 and T36A3) and T75Bs (T75B and T75B2)! When we got on scene, they looked like they were working on eating some lunch, the birds were circling above and the whales were darting in different directions. We saw spyhops and tail lobs and headstands! The whales began heading toward Canada and we headed with them. They made it alongside Java Rocks where they did some tail lobs and one whale did a huge spyhop right next to the boat! We eventually had to head back toward homeport. At the Cone islands we saw several harbor seals hauled out and a couple more bald eagles! We cruised back under blue skies and saw more bald eagles! I think our total number was 17 for the day!

4PM Highlights
-Harbor porpoise
-Bald eagles
-Mouflon sheep
-T36As and T75Bs in Canada

We left on our evening trip and headed down Guemes Channel and crossed Rosario Strait for Thatcher Pass. We spotted some harbor porpoise swimming in the current lines. At Willow Island, we spotted two mature bald eagles and a harbor seal hauled out enjoying the sun. We trekked on through the inner islands and checked out the Spieden Island shoreline where we found mouflon sheep grazing and running on the hillside, several harbor seals hauled out and some bald eagles soaring high above! We pushed all the way into Canada to Coal Island where we found orcas! They were the T36As (T36A, T36A1, T36A2 and T36A3) and T75Bs (T75B and T75B2)! We watched as they cruised alongside the shoreline, then started porpoising a little bit, splashing and rolling around. We spent some great time with them. At one point, the whales turned and headed right for us! It was incredible! They swam right under the boat! You could see them swimming upside down! Absolutely amazing! We couldn’t have had a better finale! We cruised back toward home port and spotted a few more seals, bald eagles and even an osprey perched by its nest! What a great night on the water!

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