Transient Orcas in the AM and PM!


Our morning tour from Anacortes was awesome, with a huge variety of wildlife! Before we even left the dock, a mature bald eagle swooped by overhead. This turned out to be one of a dozen bald eagles we saw as we started our day. We stopped by Colville Island and watched as several dozen harbor seals were hauled out in the negative tide. We ran north to start our day, but got the call that some orcas were at Dungeness Spit! It took us a while, but it sure paid off. The T 73A family was hunted a harbor seal! We saw them circle their prey for a bit and then saw one of the young animals surface with some harbor seal intestine draped over its dorsal fin! Wow! We have seen this family several times in the last two weeks, and each encounter has been awesome!
It was an awesome trip with some great looks at killer whales!

Our afternoon tour took us back into the Strait of Juan de Fuca to see this family of orcas again! Along the way we slowed down at Bird Rocks to watch some harbor seals that were hauled out on the rocks. Capt. Scott got the call that our linker whales friends had been moving slowly north which helped us out a great bit. The waters grew a little choppy and we had a little rain, but this hearty group didn’t mind and soon we were on scene with the T73As again! T73A is mom, and she was born in 1987. He calves T73A1, T73A2, and T73A3 were all right by her side as they zinged and zagged in the wind waves. The little calf was often times bringings it’s head really far out of the water to ensure it got a clean breath above the surf.  We even saw some tail lobs as the orcas traveled! Stopping by the Burrows Island lighthouse, we saw a mature bald eagle that rounded out another great day for us!

Photos to come soon!
Michael Colahan

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