Humpback in our backyard!


-Harbor seals
-Bald eagles
-Harbor porpoise
-Humpback again!

We left on our trip and headed west down Guemes Channel. We crossed Rosario Strait and saw several harbor seals hauled out on Bird Rocks. We took a turn to the north and its wasn’t long before we found a humpback along the Orcas Island shoreline! We had some nice looks as the whale traveled south along the shoreline. We spent some good time with our humpback friend before we continued on our search. At Peapod Rocks, we saw at least nine bald eagles! There were also some harbor seals hauled out. We continued north up Rosario Strait, through Barnes and Clark islands, continuing on the search. We were able to catch up with our humpback whale again! We had some great looks as this time, our whale was in a more rhythmic breathing sequence! He even popped up right next to the boat! We cruised home a different way, continuing on our search. We passed by Veti Rocks and Vendor Island where we spotted more harbor seals, cormorants and pigeon guillemots. It was a lovely day on the water with a humpback whale in our backyard!

Photos to come!

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