Transient Orcas put on a show!



-Transient Orcas going off after a kill!
-A minke whale near Middle Bank
-Seals and an eagle at South Lopez

For three trips in a row we have had awesome experiences with some Transient Orcas! We caught up again with the same killer whales we saw yesterday. This time we were out near Victoria, B.C. T46, T46D, T46E, T46F, T122, T73A, T73A1, T73A2, and T73A3 were amazing today, as we got on scene during a hunt and kill! These animals put on a special show for us today, with amazing displays of agility as they celebrated a successful hunt! We saw many breaches and tail lobs and our guests were awe-struck throughout our encounter. It was SWEET! After leaving, some sharp-eyed passengers spotted a minke whale near Middle Bank, and we had a few looks at this baleen whale. We stopped at the south end of Lopez Island and found a few harbor seals and a mature bald eagle eagle. Great day for breaching Orcas!

-Michael Colahan

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