Humpback Whale and superpod of Harbor Porpoise

Port Angeles

AM Trip

Great Blue Heron at Dock
Humpback Whale
Race Rocks Ecological Preserve
Superpod of Harbor Porpoise

   The rain held off as our guests arrived under the supervision of a large Great Blue Heron standing on the docks. Eagerly we departed  the docks and headed out into the harbor passing Pigeon Guillemots and Rhinocerous Auklets along the way. The salmon were leaping  in their pens as we passed by. The Straits of Juan de Fuca were calm and we headed out in search of wildlife.
    Every  now and then a Harbor Seal would pop up as we crossed the Straits. Great views of Mt Baker  could be seen in the distance and the changing view of the Olympic Mountains kept us guessing. Not long after we crossed into Canada our Captain spotted  a Humpback Whale. His identity remains a mystery at this time and he is possibly a new whale to the area. We watched as fed along the current lines being a little elusive with his flukes.
    After a good visit we left him to his lunch and headed to Race Rocks ecological Preserve to check out the wildlife there and look at the beautiful granite lighthouse.  Plenty of Pigeon Guillemots were playing in the water and Harbor Seals were hauled out on some of the rocks. A handful of California Sea Lions  were also hauled out resting in the warm sun.
    As we crossed back into the U.S. in search of more wildlife we ran into a superpod of Harbor Porpoise fishing a few miles north of the Elwha River.. The fishing must have been really good because we even saw some herring floating on the surface that they missed and they didn’t last long once the Glaucous Winged Gulls  found them!!!
     It was a great day to be out on the water and the variety of wildlife made for an interesting trip along with fantastic views  of our beautiful Olympic Peninsula.

PM trip


BCY0324 Big Mama and calf Poptart  lunge feeding
superpod of Harbor Porpoise
Harbor Seals and California Sea Lions at Race Rocks

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