Double Header with Orcas and Minkes!



Orcas and Minkes feeding!
Steller sea lions
Beautiful conditions

We had an exceptional day on the water from Anacortes with great conditions and wildlife galore. A bald eagle soared by the dock as we boarded our guests. Harbor porpoise were everywhere today. We slowed at Colville Island and visited some harbor seals hauled out on the rocks. We traveled all the way down toward the Olympic Peninsula to catch up with a group of five killer whales. We saw T46, T46D, T46E, T46F, and T122. As we approached, they quickly changed their behavior and went in for a kill in a strong current line.  They finished off a quick meal and grouped back up, swimming toward Admiralty Inlet. Capt Carl spotted some minke whales south of Smith Island. They were actively feeding on some bait fish as the birds swooped in for some scraps. There were birds everywhere and two of the minkes launched through the bait fish and hammered the fish with awesome agility. Stopping at Minor Island we saw some more harbor seals hauled out and a mature bald eagle. And to round out a great trip, we slowed along the Romeo Bravo buoy where two Steller sea lions were resting in the sunshine!

-Michael Colahan

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