Heroes of the Day!!!

Anacortes   3:30 PM

-Harbor porpoise
-Rhinoceros auklets
-Humpback whale

We left the dock this evening with warm weather all around and blue skies thing down on us. The winds had picked up slightly but the waves were no match for the mighty Island Explorer 3. We cruised down Rosario straight passing many groups of rhinoceros auklets and cormorants and headed into the Straights of Juan de Fuca. At this point it was full steam ahead to the waters in which animals had been reported earlier. We passed by the shallow banks of the straights and shortly after crossing Hein bank Captain Carl spotted our first whale. We moved on scene and suddenly the whale surfaced off our bow not to far off and began swimming toward us!!! it was an absolutely amazing way to greet the whale and with that we began our show. We followed the whale for quite some time getting many great looks and tail fluke shots, this was definitely a friendly humpback. After the show we continued back north enjoying great looks at Mount Rainier and Mount Baker on a beautiful evening. We swung into Castle rock to enjoy the scenery and then continued back to the dock it was a magical trip!!!

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