Humpbacks on both trips out of Anacortes!


10:00 AM

-Harbor seals
-Humpback whale
-Steller sea lions
-Bald eagles
-Tufted Puffin
-Bald eagle’s nest

We left on our journey and transited Rosario Strait. We slowed down at Pointer Island and found several harbor seals hauled out. We continued through the inner islands and took a turn down Upright Channel toward San Juan Channel where we found a whale! It was a humpback whale! The whale was maintaining a rhythmic breathing sequence, showing us it’s flukes on the deep dive. The whale exited Cattle Pass and headed out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We had some amazing looks as the whale changed its behavior and surfaced several times at close range! We spent quality time with out whale as we approached the Salmon Bank marker, where we had three Steller sea lions hauled out and three more in the water scouting out their options! Eventually we had to turn back toward home port but not before we found some more wildlife. We made our way to Whale Rocks where we found harbor seals hauled out and a mature bald eagle. Captain Scott found us a tufted puffin at Iceberg Point. We continued alongside Lopez Island where we saw several turkey vultures perched on a rock. We did a slow down in Aleck Bay and found a couple of bald eagles perched above their nest. We even found a river otter who made his way up on the shoreline. We also spotted some pigeon guillemots near Castle Rock. At Burrows Island, we slowed down near the peregrine falcon nest and think we were able to see one of the chicks. We cruised home through Rosario Strait after a beautiful day full of wildlife!

4:00 PM
-Bald eagle
-Breaching humpback whale
-Harbor seals
-Harbor porpoise 
-Beautiful sunset

We headed off on our evening trip tonight under blue skies and sunshine! We headed through the inner islands and spotted an immature bad eagle on Willow Island. We pushed all the way toward Canada (but never crossed the border) and we found a humpback whale! Our very first views of this whale were amazing! This whale was breaching like crazy! I think we counted half a dozen breaches! Then, when it was done breaching, the whale proceeded to roll around, slapping its pec fins on the surface of the water! Incredible! Then the whale changed its behavior and headed towards us! The humpback continued a 6-7 minute down time and headed south, allowing us to spend more time with it! We spent a lot of time with the whale before we had to head back toward home port. We stopped by Flattop Island and spotted another bald eagle who landed in a tree and several harbor seals hauled out on the rocks!  On our way back to the marina, we got a great look at an osprey nest and a few more bald eagles were perched in the trees. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset, what an evening to be on the water!

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