Granny and the Humpbacks!

Anacortes am
Trip Highlights
-J pod orca Granny, J2
-4 Humpback whales
-Harbor seals and harbor porpoise

We traveled all the way to Canada today to find 4 humpback whales, and a couple J-pod orcas including the oldest of them all, J2, Granny.  Along the way we saw plenty of harbor seals and harbor porpoise.  Capt. Scott found our first two whales of the day, a few humpbacks, just north of Race Rocks.  On the other side of Race Rocks we visited J2, Granny, for about a half an hour while another female surfaced a couple hundred yards off in the distance.  It looked like they were pretty busy fishing.  Our sister ship dialed us in to a couple of humpback whales on our way back home, and they gave us a great finale with double flukes raisede up high at close range!  What a great day in calm seas and Canadian style sunshine!  Naturalist Bart Rulon

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