Anacortes AM
*Minke whale
*Great bald eagle action
*Stellar sea lions, harbor seals, and harbor porpoise

    Fog to the south this morning caused us to take a route circling around the northern San Juan Islands to start and then southward after the fog lifted.  Along the way we found some great bald eagle action with as many as 6 bald eagles circling around, chasing each other, taking off, landing, and hovering around a particular rock that must have had some food tucked away in it!  We saw several other bald eagles during the trip but this group was definitely the most entertaining.
     By the time we made it around to the west side of San Juan Island we could see that Capt. Mike’s plan worked out pretty well because the fog was just lifting down there giving us visibility in an area that had only been covered by one boat before us (but in thick fog).  The crew searched hard and wide the whole way, but it ended up being a group of passengers that were the heroes today!  They spotted the minke whale surface right behind us at Partridge Bank, leaving a telltale footprint behind, that only a whale could leave.  The whale seemed to be elusive at first, but with some persistence we were able to dial him in for a few good views before we had to aim our sights back to the dock again.  Naturalist Bart Rulon

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