Epic breach from J39 steals the show!


-California sea lion
-Harbor seals
-Steller sea lions

We started our trip with a turkey vulture soaring above Cap Sante. We saw several harbor porpoise throughout the entire trip. A California sea lion was hauled out on a channel marker. At the south end of Colville Island we found numerous harbor seals hauled out. We passed another channel marker that had three Steller sea lions hauled out on it. As we made our way toward Canada, we came across a humpback swimming amongst members of our fish-eating orcas! We saw K33 (Tika), K21 (Cappuccino), L87 (Oynx), J2 (Granny), J16 (Slick), J26 (Mike), J36 (Alki), J52 (Sonic), J42 (Echo), J50 (Scarlet), J34 (Doublestuf), J27 (Blackberry) and J39 (Mako). Most of the animals were sleeping along the shoreline, but we had some great looks as a couple of groups passed right next to the boat! There was another humpback that showed up in the mix of all the orcas as well! J39 gave us the most amazing pass! He breached right in front of the boat! All you could see was his belly! It was amazing! Eventually, we had to head back toward homeport after an absolutely incredible day out on the water. On our way back, we did a slow down through the south end of Lopez Island and Castle Rock. Some sharp-eyed passengers found us a black-tail deer on Lopez Island!

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