EPIC DAY…..4 Humpbacks including NEW CALF and MOM


Humpback mugging whale watch boats
Race Rocks Lighthouse
California and Stellar Sea Lions
Elephant Seals
Sea Otter
Harbor Seals
4th unidentified Humpback

    Anxious to beat the day’s promised heat we left the dock and made our way past Ediz Hook and out into the Straits of Juan de Fuca. Harbor Seals, Harbor Porpoise and Rhinocerous Auklets broke the flat calm of the surface as we searched likely spots  for our whales. We checked the Rockpile and Constance Bank when a call came in and we could see whale watch boats up ahead and lots of splashing. We had a Humpback whale slapping his pectoral fins on the water. When we got there we were treated to quite the show with pec slaps close to many of the boats and spyhops as he mugged some of the whale watch boats. It was an amazing sight to see him seek out human company.
    Eventually we made our way to Race Rocks Lighthouse and had  time to enjoy the barking California Sea Lions and a few Stellar Sea Lions along with a couple of Elephant Seals. The captain found a Sea Otter wrapped in kelp  rolling around and we enjoyed his antics  as we observed the Harbor Seals hauled out near him.
     On our way again  ever on the search, massive splashes  were seen from the distance as we crossed over near the Elwha River.  What did we have but a cow/calf pair of Humpbacks whom we thought would turn out to be Big Mama and her calf Poptart. We were in for a most  wonderful surprise!!!!  A new Humpback (identity yet to be determined) and her new calf who totally astounded us with pec slaps and breach after breach. He was non stop as mom fed in the depths twice letting out a bubble net.
    After  a wonderful time with them they both went on a deep dive and magically disapppeared and our time was getting short so we headed back to the dock but not after another surprise  Humpback feeding as we headed home but he was not about to show his tail  so we couldn’t get an ID on him.
     What a totally amazing day with fabulous weather, unbelievably surface active whales and terrific guests who went home with smiles and memories of  a truly EPIC WHALEWATCH.

Stay tuned for pics to come and hopefully some ID’s on our Humpbacks

Naturalist- Lee

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