Killer Whales on our Anacortes tour!


-T124A’s in Canada
-California sea lions in Guemes Channel
-Bald eagle swooping in for carnage

Our trip today from Anacortes was filled with a great variety of wildlife! We had a bald eagle fly over the boat before we even left the dock. We stopped to visit with a big ‘ol California sea lion in Guemes Channel. He even posed regally for us as we slowed down. We cruised past Bird Rocks and watched a few dozen harbor seals on the rocks and as an immature bald looked on. We took a cool run through Lopez Pass, where another bald eagle dove into a small opening in the rocks to pick up a dead piece of something! Wow! The sun came out as we moved west toward Canada. Some boats had found orcas across Haro Strait! We visited with four killer whales today, T124A, T124A1, T124A3, and T124A4. They zigged and zagged as we watched and then they quickly made a kill on something very close to the boat. We love seeing killer whales as they exhibit the natural instincts that make them the apex predator! We spent a really long period of time with the orcas considering the long run we had to catch up with them. After leaving, we cruised along Spieden Island, seeing several other bald eagles. Back in Guemes Channel, our California sea lion friend had been joined by another buddy on the same navigational marker.
-Michael Colahan

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