Minke Whale Party! Peregrine falcon chicks!


-tons of harbor porpoise
-harbor seals
-bald eagle
-so many minkes feeding!
-Heermann’s gull!
-Baby peregrine falcon chicks!

We set off on our journey today with sunshine and flat calm waters! We headed down Guemes Channel and Rosario Strait where we found numerous harbor porpoise. We did a slow down at Bird Rocks and spotted several harbor seals hauled out as well as a bald eagle perched. We continued south on the search and at Partridge Bank, we found several minke whales in a feeding frenzy! There were minkes in every direction! We didn’t know where to look! We could hear them, we smelled them, it was incredible! They took out bait ball after bait ball! We even spotted our first Heermann’s gull of the year! Eventually, we had to head back toward home port, but not before we had a couple more surprises in store! We went under the Deception Pass Bridge! We also went by Burrows Island and spotted two peregrine falcon chicks in the nest! They were so fluffy! It was a great end to our wildlife sightings for the day!

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