Humpback and Transients for Memorial Day Weekend



Humpback CS441 “Stitch”

Transient Killer Whales

Multiple Pinniped Species at Race Rocks

The Island Explorer 4 kicked off Memorial Day weekend with a bang!  The weather looked a bit gloomy at first, but favorable winds kept conditions calm from Port Angeles as we headed out in search of wildlife.

Our first spot of the trip came just off Ediz Hook – a humpback whale ID’d as CS441, affectionately known to the crew as “Stitch”.  After a nice encounter there, we made our way to Race Rocks where we came across several different species of pinniped including harbor seals, California sea lions, Steller’s sea lions, and elephant seals!

With all those tasty marine mammals nearby, it was no wonder that in the second half of our trip we encountered some animals a bit higher up the food chain – transient (or mammal-eating) killer whales!  We found a pod of four transients near the mouth of the Elwa River.  We have a second trip today, so stay tuned for ID’s on the transients and photos from the tour soon!

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