Port Angeles

Highlights PM trip

5 Transient Orcas
Harbor Seals
Rhinocerous Auklets, Common Murres
1 very unlucky Harbor Porpoise calf

    The rain held off as we headed out for our evening trip. The Harbor Seals  were still hauled out on the log floats seemingly unmoving from the morning. We toured the harbor on the way out with a mission to catch up with our transient orcas still westward bound from our morning trip.Everyone was game  for the trip and what a trip it would be. The seas lay flat and visibility was good but we had a long way to go to catch orcas moving at a good 6 knot clip. We passes the Elwha Valley, Freshwater Bay. Crescent Bay and Agate Beach and still we kept on going. The further west we went the more the weather looked ominous and we did run into some showers but on we pressed until we finally had them in sight … 5 transient orcas. wanting to spend as much time as we could with them after coming all this we we continued westward watching them  as they surfaced on one side then the other  heading to a destination only they would know.
    Suddenly things took a turn and it looked like a hunting party had formed with the two males  together and the mom, calf and other youngster forming a second group.Thr group of three dove then the two males circled  and dove and a chase was on. From out of nowhere a small baby porpoise appeared running for his life  with two giant male orcas in pursuit yet they seemed to be toying with him  letting him run then getting  right up behind him. This went on and on  the little porpoise surfacing just out of range until one male was swimmming upside down at our stern  underwater while the other male made a sharp turn right towards our port side. The huge male sliced down the side of our boat trapping the harbor porpoise up against the boat and then making a huge lunge grabbed him and then they were both gone. The two males surface on the other side of the boat beelining it to the Northwest presumably to meet up with the other three orcas whom we never saw again. In a heartbeat the chase was over and no ore was seen of our little porpoise. It was an amazing experience of a lifetime for our guests and crew in a close encounter with apex predators that we won’t soon forget.

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