Big Mamma’s Calf puts on a cartwheel show!


Trip Highlights:
*2 Humpback whales – Big Mamma and calf with lots of action
*Harbor seals, bald eagles, and harbor porpoise

Naturalist’s Log:
     We traveled all the way to Canada to watch a mother an calf humpback whale today!  The seas were choppy to the southwest so we chose a route through the inner San Juan’s today to get some relief from the wind.  Our first stop of the day was at Pointer Island where we checked out some harbor seals, and pigeon guillemots.  After rounding the north end of San Juan Island we headed toward Canada and caught up with Big Mama (BCY0324) and her newest calf! 
     Within 5 minutes of us arriving the calf started acrobatics!  First it was a cartwheel, then a head lunge, then a cartwheel, then a tail slap, then another cartwheel!!  The little one seemed to be enjoying the 4 foot waves all the way.  We must have seen 10-15 cartwheels, several half breaches, and tail slaps too!  The action continued for our entire visit with this duo!  What a show!  
     Eventually we had to turn around and head back toward the dock, but we did make one more stop at Castle Island, where we spotted more harbor seals, pigeon guillemots, turkey vultures, and a couple of immature bald eagles!  What a trip!  Naturalist Bart Rulon

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