Long trek to the south for awesome orcas!


-Harbor seals at Bird Rocks
-Two bald eagles at Minor Island
-T137s, T128 and T125A orcas in Admiralty Inlet

We left on our journey today and made our way to Rosario Strait. We did a slow down along Bird Rocks and spotted several harbor seals hauled out. Throughout our trip today we saw several harbor porpoise swimming in current lines! We continued south and found a couple of bald eagles, one mature and one immature. We trekked far to the south and found orcas! The animals we had were: T137, T137A, T137B, T137D and the difficult ones to identify were: T125A and T128 (the ID guide photos for these two animals are so different because they have gotten so big and gained a couple of big scars as they’ve grown!). T137, T137B, T137D and T125A were grouped up and they passed right next to the boat, giving us some great looks! The two other big males were trailing the group. One of the males was swimming upside down, showing us his tail and his belly! These two (T137A and T128) came in close! They swam right next to the boat, much to the delight of everyone onboard!  Absolutely breathtaking! We had to head back toward home port after our incredible finale! We cruised north and it was definitely well worth the extra miles to get orcas!

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