Humpbacks and Minkes!


-harbor seals at Pointer Island
-Steller sea lions at Whale Rocks
-Humpback BCY0324 “Big Mama” and her calf!
-Two minkes at Hein Bank
-Slow down through south Lopez Island

We left on our trip today and spotted a harbor seal right as we exited the marina. At Pointer Island, we spotted several more harbor seals hauled out. We continued inner island through Thatcher Pass, Harney Channel, Upright Channel and San Juan Channel. We stopped by Whale Rocks were several Steller sea lions were hauled out on the rocks. There was also an immature bald eagle who took flight off the rock! We made our way into the Strait of Juan de Fuca and headed west. We made our way all the way into Canada where we found our first whales of the day! It was humpback BCY0324 and her newest calf! We had some great looks as the young calf rolled around and showed us his/her flukes multiple times! The whales were pretty surface active, not going on very deep dives! It was great! We spent some great time with the humpback whales before we had to head off toward home port. As we crossed Hein Bank, Captain Scott found us two surface active minke whales! They circled the boat and gave us some great looks! We headed toward home because we were already late! We did a little slow down through south Lopez Island and spotted some cormorants and black oystercatchers. We had a beautiful, flat calm day on the water!

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