Going the extra mile(s) for orcas in Canada!


-Harbor porpoise throughout the entire trip
-Two mature bald eagles at Peapod Rocks
-Steller sea lions and a California sea lion in Canada
-Extra miles for Bigg’s killer whales in Canada!
-Steller sea lions on Ewing Island

We headed down Guemes Channel and took a turn to the north, up Rosario Strait. We spotted many harbor porpoise throughout our trip. At Peapod Rocks, we found a couple of mature bald eagles perched on the islands. We continued north on our search past Matia, Sucia and Patos islands. We crossed into Canada and saw what was possibly the largest Steller sea lion ever! He was huge! There was even a California sea lion hauled out amongst the Steller sea lions. We headed north in the Strait of Georgia and put a few miles behind us as we trekked toward Vancouver. The extra miles paid off! We had orcas in sight! We had numerous Bigg’s, aka transient, killer whales: T11, T11A, T36A, T36A1, T36A2, T36A3, T93, T97, T99, T99B, T99C and T99D! T99B gave us a great show as they all approached the boat, s/he bellyflopped twice! The orcas were incredibly active, breaching, spy hopping, tail lobs and rolling around! It was awesome! We spend as much time with these animals as we could, before we had to turn and head back toward homeport. We spotted some harbor porpoise hauled out on the rocks north of Sucia Island. At Ewing Island, we found more Steller sea lions hauled out. We were a little late getting back to the dock, but we had a great orca show up in Canada, so it was well worth it!

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