Minke Madness! And an elephant seal!


-Black oystercatcher, purple sea stars and a harbor seal
-Harbor porpoise
-Minkes at Hein Bank
-Feeding minkes at Partridge Bank
-Elephant seal on Minor Island

We left on our trip today and before we even picked up speed, we had crossed black oystercatcher, harbor seal and purple sea stars off the list! We headed off on our journey and found some harbor porpoise swimming in Rosario Strait. We continued south out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca and headed toward Canada. Captain Carl found us our first two whales at Hein Bank! They were minke whales who were swimming in circles around the bank. We spent some time with them before we headed further to the south on the search. As we crossed over Eastern Bank, we spotted some Dall’s porpoise, who weren’t really in the mood to play with us. We found another whale though! However, it ended up being at least three other minke whales! There were some very active bait balls and the birds were going everywhere! We watched as the minkes circled and took out the bait fish. It was awesome! We had the minkes pop up really close to the boat a couple of times! Eventually, we had to head back toward home port. We did a slow down as we passed Minor Island and found a single elephant seal lounging on the island, flipping sand up on it’s back! Pretty cool! I hadn’t seen that behavior before! We cruised on home with miles of flat calm seas and beautiful blue skies!

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