Grays in Glass Calm Waters!!!!


California sea lion
Gray whales:
#49 Patch
#723 Lucy
Bald Eagle on Camano island
Naturalist Log:
When we arrived at the boat today the seas were gray from the overcast skies above. Sounds of the dock maintenance echoed across the marina and a light breeze softly danced through the air. Although the day seemed as if it wanted to rain it was actually quite warm, reaching 60 degrees before 8 o’clock. There was definitely a dampness in the air but with the warming of the day thoughts of rain began to fade and thoughts of sunshine tickled our minds.
It didn’t take long for the guests to arrive and for the trip to get underway. We did some nifty maneuvering to get the boat away from the dock today as a construction barge was doing repairs just off our bow, but being an experienced crew it was no hassle. In no time at all we were heading out of the channel passed Jetty island and beginning our adventure. The first stop of the trip was at a green buoy where a California sea lion was attempting to jump out of the water. It only took him a couple tries before he was able to get up on it and find a nice comfy spot to rest. This allowed us to get in for some close ups and really enjoy him before continuing on out to the Possession sound.
We were halfway to Hat island when sharp eyed and handsome naturalist Tyson spotted the first whale of the trip. It was swimming from the shallows off of Hat island toward the Snohomish river delta and so we went over to join it. In seconds we realized we didn’t have just one whale but three!!! which is always a treat, the more the merrier am I right? It didn’t take more than a few minutes before we knew who the whales were as they all have gotten pretty familiar with us this season. It turned out to be #49 Patch, #723 Lucy, and #21 and they were all doing large lazy circles in the shallower waters off of hat.
We stopped and watched them for quite some time until the whales decided to split up. While they were together they were showing off many good tail shots and al around giving us excellent photo opportunities. A few times #21 and #723 swam right passed our bow.It was absolutely stunning as the waters were glass calm allowing us to shut down the boat and really take in the whales. Unfortunately there were a few times we got caught down wind in a large cloud of whale breathe but thankfully it didn’t last long.
After enjoying the grays for some time we continued on to see what else we might find. This search took us north, out around some fishing boats and up into Port Susan. It was here that our ruggedly good looking captain Michael spotted a bald eagle for us. It was perched a top a pine tree gazing down into the waters just off of the island. After getting these looks in we turned back south to join our wale friends on lat time. Before heading in we got some more amazing looks at the whales including a few tails and a few more close looks.
The day was perfect and the whales were great, it couldn’t have been better!!!!

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