Breaching baby humpback steals the show! Doubleheader with minkes!


-Sunshine and flat calm seas
-Harbor porpoise in Rosario Strait
-Slow down through south Lopez Island and Castle Rock
-Found first whale of the day! A minke!
-Humpback BCY0324 (Big Mama) and her breaching calf!
-Elephant seal at Minor Island!
-Another minke whale at Lawson Reef
-Bald eagle fishing in Rosario Strait

We began our trip with a beautiful sunny day ahead of us! We found lots of harbor porpoise in Rosario Strait as we headed south on our journey. We headed between James Island and Decatur Island. We slowed down through the south end of Lopez Island and spotted a bald eagle, several turkey vultures, a couple of Canada geese and a bald eagles nest. There were even a couple of harlequin ducks along the Swirl Rocks shoreline. Captain Shane found us our first whale of the day! Our minke maintained a rhythmic breathing pattern of one breath every five minutes. He wasn’t being too cooperative, so we decided to continue on our search. We headed to the south were we got on scene with humpback BCY0324, nicknamed Big Mama, and her new calf! It wasn’t too long after we arrived on scene that the young whale began showing off! It was breach after breach! Chin slap after chip slap! The baby rolled around and tail lobbed! It was exhilarating to watch this young one enjoy the afternoon! We watched these two for quite some time before we eventually had to head back toward home port. We did a slow down at Minor Island where we found what turned out to be an elephant seal! It is our first elephant seal of the year! It’s pretty rare to see one, so definitely a treat to see one! We continued north up Rosario Strait and one of our seasons pass holder found us another minke! This one was definitely more cooperative than the first! We had a few good looks at him before we continued on. We watched a mature bald eagle fly with purpose and swooped down toward the water and grabbed a fish out of the water! Amazing! What a great day on the water!

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