723 and 44 All Day!

Everett am & pm

Trip highlights:
2 Gray whales – 723 and 44 showing their tail flukes over and over again
Bald eagles
California sea lions, harbor seals, osprey, caspian terns, western grebes, and rhinoceros auklets

This morning we ventured all the way down to Possession Point to find whales for our first trip.  Capt. Scott was the man who spotted them out in the open water!  It was gray whales 723, and 44, Doubknuck!  They turned and swam toward Everett for our entire visit with them and showed us plenty of tail flukes as they swam side by side!  The condition were glassy calm!

By the time our afternoon trip rolled around the two whales from trip one were much closer to our home port so we were able to find them much earlier in the trip.  They continued to swim side by side, showing us their tail flukes time and time again!  After a good long visit with them we peeled off to look for more up in Saratoga Passage.  No luck up north, but we circled back down again and got one last look at our gray whale “duo of the day” at the northeast side of Hat Island.

Other wildlife we spotted today included caspian terns fishing, western grebes, California sea lions, harbor seals, Canada geese, rhinoceros auklets, and dunlin!  What a great day on the water!  Naturalist Bart Rulon

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