723 to the Rescue!

Trip highlights:
Gray whale number 723 shows us plenty of tail flukes bald eagles, harbor seals, 
California sea lions, Caspian terns, western grebes, Brant.
We had to travel past Hat Island today to find a whale!  The conditions were beautifully 
calm, and just as we rounded the north end of a Hat Island I spotted a gray whale 
surfacing near Camano Head. It was 723 and he was swimming steadily southward.  He gave 
us plenty of great views of his tail flukes on every surfacing sequence. After watching 
him for a while we peeled off and headed over to Camano Head to check out two bald 
eagles. Next we aimed back toward the east and eventually Captain Carl found number 723 
again. This time he swam right through a huge flock of western grebes that were also 
getting dive bombed by a few Caspian terns trying to catch some fish! On our way back to 
the dock we spotted some California sea lions and a couple more bald eagles! What a great 
day! Naturalist Bart Rulon

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