Spring Time Whale Watching!

Sounds like a great day out on the water from Everett — stay tuned later for a full naturalist report from Tyson!

If you are looking to get out on the water to enjoy seeing these gentle gray whale giants, do not wait! The season is coming to an end.  We are offer tours departing from the Everett Marina now through Mother’s Day (May 8th).  These animals are here for a short time only before they head out and continue on their north migration.

Sounds like J Pod is back in the San Juan Islands Today — we are bummed we were not running a trip today.  But come on out and join us for some Island fun Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of this week, or anytime now through the end of October! We would love to see you!

As Everett is wrapping up, we are gearing up to start our Port Angeles tours.  This trips start on May 14th and will run deep into the fall months.  It is the Wild, Wild, West out there and we get the opportunity to go farther west than any other US whale watching company.  Race Rocks, Victoria BC, sea otters, elephant seals, killer whales, humpback whales…. Enjoy some spectacular land base views at the Olympic National Park and then enjoy some good old sea time with us on the Island Explorer 4 — you will be glad you did!

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