4 Gray Whales


Trip Highlights:
4 Gray whales – #21, 723, 49, and 383
Bald eagles, harbor seals, and California sea lions

The action got started today around Jetty Island where we spotted a couple of bald eagles and four harbor seals swimming around in the water nearby.  Our friends from Edmonds found a couple of whales at the south end of Hat Island so we knew exactly where to aim.  It was gray whales 723 and 21 swimming together with # 49, Patch about 100 yards away from them.  Patch fluked and disappeared while we spent a bunch of time watching the other two.  They gave us some very nice views as they swam side by side, but eventually they split up, with 21 heading north and 723 aiming east.  It was finally then that 723 really showed his tail flukes three times!!

Next we found Patch nearby and followed him for a while as he swam toward the shallows.  After peeling off to look for more we ended up finding 21 again at Camano head then turned back toward Everett to look at the edge of the Snohomish River Delta.  This time we found gray whale 383 and he showed us his tail flukes right off the bat before turning to go into the shallows to feed.  It wasn’t long before he swam right back out into deeper water again and showed us his tail flukes several times in a row, making for a great finale!  Naturalist Bart Rulon

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