Everett am & pm
Trip Highlights:
Gray whales 723 and 383 in the morning
Gray whales 723, 383, and 49 in the afternoon
bald eagles, California sea lions, osprey, and western grebes
Both of our trips were very successful today and we didn’t have to go very far to find our whales.  On our first trip of the day we found gray whales 723 and 383 swimming together at the east side of Hat Island.  They teased us for most of the trip by almost showing their whole tail flukes, but they never quite did it fully.  We could smell their stinky breath lingering in the air for most of our visit.  They even spyhopped for us a few times while they were swimming in the shallows.  
On our second trip of the day we found three whales between Hat Island and the Snohomish River delta!  It was 723, 383, and 49.  One of them did a big spyhop for us and right toward the end of our visit the whales gave us the best tail flukes of the day, one right after another!  First it was Patch, then the other two followed suit.  We saw lots of western grebes today, staging during their migration.  Wa also witnessed an epic chase-down between a flock of caspian terns harrassing an osprey just as we were leaving the dock.  It was a great day.  Naturalist Bart Rulon 

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