Spyhops Galore!



-Perfect calm conditions in the A.M.
-A very, very close pass from #723 and #383
-California sea lions on both tours
-Spy-hops from several whales near Gedney Island

We left the dock today with some of the most pristine conditions imaginal from Everett. The water was glass, and though we received an occasional shower, we couldn’t have asked for better conditions. We cruised northbound and found a whale near Camano Head. It was #49, Patch, the old favorite from this region. He gave us a few looks but was really erratic in his surfacing pattern overall, with down times approaching ten minutes at times. We left to search for more and found a true gem for our trip. Whales #383 and #723 were side-by-side in the ferry traffic lanes, and we enjoyed these whales for the next hour or so! They both fluked and Capt. Carl shut down the engines to marvel at them in the calm seas. They came our way, and actually passed right by the boat as we drifted, engines off! They were so close, it was awesome! We passed the naval dock on the way home to see a few dozen California sea lions hauled out on the gates pontoons.

The winds came in for the afternoon trip, but that didn’t stop us as Carl found two whales shortly fter we were underway approaching the Snohomish River delta. #723 and #383 were pointed into the shallows but soon came back out, even showing their tales. #49 Patch joined them near Gedney Island and the action started! A spyhop from one of the whales! Then another, and another! We watched twelve spyhops total which is a record for us in this region! At one point one of the whales spyhoped with the Washington State Ferry in the background. Cool! We watched two California sea lions in a battle back at the naval dock. Both wanted the best spot on the float and we watched as they fought for the prime real estate. Both fell into the water as a larger animal nearby watched the silliness. Great day!

I have had many people ask, so here is the webpage address if you wanted to order a complete set of photos from today’s tours. Contact me at http://ift.tt/17BASaQ for info!

-Michael Colahan

from Blogger http://ift.tt/1r6oEAT


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