Humpbacks out of Anacortes!



-harbor seals at Coalville Island
– Humpback BCY0160 (Heather) along San Juan Island
-Steller sea lions and two bald eagles at Whale Rocks
-Humpback in Rosario Strait

We left the harbor today and headed down Guemes Channel to Rosario Strait. We saw several harbor porpoise swimming in the current lines. We did a slow down at the south side of Colville Island where we saw several harbor seals hauled out. We continued south on our search, scouring the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We cruised to the west side of San Juan Island where we found our first whale of the day! It was our good buddy, humpback BCY0160 (Heather)! She was cruising along the San Juan Island shoreline. She maintained a pretty rhythmic breathing sequence, showing us her flukes on each deep dive! We spend some quality time with her until we had to depart. We headed back toward the south to continue on the search. The sun completely broke through and we enjoyed flat calm waters! At Whale Rocks, we stopped off to see several Steller sea lions and two mature bald eagles. It was amazing to see those massive animals so close to one another, grunting at each other. We did a beautiful slow down through the south end of Lopez Island and enjoyed the scenery. We headed north  in Rosario and Captain Carl found us another whale! It was another humpback whale who was waving its pec fins in the air! It was almost like he was beckoning us over! We had some great looks as he showed us his flukes multiple times. We weren’t able to ID this whale with the images we have available within the ID guide. We were a little late coming home, but it was well worth spending time with our second humpback whale!

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