We find Orcas!


Great day from Anacortes as the Island Explorer 3 is the boat to find the whales! With sunshine and flat-calm seas, our trip today was awesome. We watched turkey vultures, common loons, and harbor porpoise pop up near home port as we started the search for whales. We continued west toward Canada to look for some humpbacks that were reported in the region, and as we searched we stumbled upon some killer whales! Nice! We picked up about 8-10 total orcas in the area, including the T11’s, a mother born in 1963 and her son born in 1978. Also the T46B’s were present and gave us our best looks. They were just finishing off a kill and we watched the gulls circle in to finish off the remains. They grouped up soon after and we watched them for quite a while with Mt. Baker as a really nice back drop. After leaving we passed by Whale Rocks to view over two dozen Steller sea lions and a pair of mature bald eagles on the rocks. After a nice slow down along Long Island to see some harbor seals we passed by Castle Rock before heading home. We had great looks at Mt. Baker, Mt. Rainer, and Glacier Peak today to cap off an awesome day on the water.

-Michael Colahan

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