383 Shows us the Way

Everett pm
2 gray whales 
California sea lions wrestling

The California sea lions provided an unusually humorous beginning to our second trip of the day.  As we approached it looked
like we had a sea lion sitting up tall, ready to show us how proud he was of himself, but we were wrong.  Instead he had his 
head propped up on a vertical post of the buoy as a pillow!!  He was sleeping with his nose pointed straight up in the air.  It
looked pretty funny.  On the other side of the boat we could hear barking from some of his buddies that were wide awake.  The
California sea lions were wrestling for position on two different pontoons at the naval station boundary.  They pushed each 
other around, back and forth, trying a little "king of the mountain" action.  One sea lion eventually lost his battle an splashed into the 
water only to come jumping right back out a few seconds later!  

Onward to look for whales we said.  Capt. Carl spotted one way up in the Snohomish River delta.  It was feeding in the 
shallows, showing pectoral fins and tail flukes from time to time.  He was a pretty long ways off so we decided to head north and 
look for more.  Just as we entered Port Susan I spotted a whale fluke.  We had to wait a while until he finished his long dive , 
but eventually he came back up swimming to the south so we turned around to get a better look.

It was gray whale 383 and he was raising his tail flukes really high in the air, time after time!  He was definitely the star of the trip
as we watched him travel southward, fluking all the way.  Naturalist Bart Rulon

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