J pod orcas play all day!


Our customers were in for a treat today! The rain stopped as everyone boarded the boat and we never looked back! We headed down Guemes Channel and turned south down Rosario Strait. We slowed down at Williamson Rocks where we spotted a mature bald eagle, a few harbor seals and many cormorants. We took an unusual path today and headed under Deception Pass bridge! The current was raging. We spotted a few more bald eagles and a few harbor porpoise. We continued down the east side of Whidbey Island scouring the shoreline! Just south of Penn Cove, we were in luck! We found members of J pod, the J17 subgroup and the J22 subgroup! They were slowly northbound along the shoreline. They started getting more active, bellyflopping and spyhopping galore! It was so exciting! We spent over an hour enjoying our orcas buddies before we had to head back home. We cruised home the same way we came, spotting more eagles and porpoise on the way. Captain Scott even spotted a couple of blacktail deer on the Whidbey shoreline. We went under the bridge again, just as the sun came out! Our sharp-eyed passenger Sara spotted a river otter running across a grassy spot off Lighthouse Point on Fidalgo Island. We even caught a quick glimpse of a California sea lion before he dove! What a day!

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