We find the Orcas again!


-A huge variety of wildlife
-Calm conditions and sunshine
-We find Transient Orcas!

Our day started in the clear and we had looks at a ton of wildlife before a long stint in the fog. At Pointer Island we slowed to watch some harbor seals that were hauled out on the rocks. Passing James Island we saw two mature bald eagles. Capt. Shane also did a slow down at Castle Rock where we saw pigeon guillemots, bald eagles, harlequin ducks, and harbor seals. Soon we were in thick fog heading west toward Canada as a report of orcas had come over the wire. In the pea soup fog we picked up a group of Dall’s porpoise, who rode our bow and stern wakes for awesome looks! The orcas were lost in the fog and we joined other boats in the region on the search. Near Vancouver Island in Haro Strait the fog finally lifted and we continued to search. We went to check out a huge bait ball, with hundreds of gulls, murres , and auklets in the fray. Some gulls were bringing huge herring to the surface as a prize. Our search took us back east to cover areas that were totally covered in fog earlier. Our day was awesome to this point, with a large amount of wildlife to keep our interest high, but still no luck finding those elusive killer whales. And then everything changed. One sharp-eyed passenger, Alexander, reported that he had spotted some orcas in the distance, and the search to pick them up was on! He was dead-on with his vision, and we had orcas! Quickly, Capt. Shane called in the other boats from Canada and the San Juan Islands that had been on the look-out. We caught up to the animals, and identified them as T18(41 yrs old) and the T19’s (mom 46 yrs old, and sons 21 and 17 yrs old). We were thrilled! Killer whales after such an intense search! At this point, I have to mention just how awesome our guests were today! Through thick fog and wide-open seas, our folks worked hard all day long to find whales, and I’m sure glad we could deliver! We spent time with the whales as they turned north in to the strong currents of Cattle Pass. We even thought that they might be on the hunt as they passed by Whale Rocks, with dozens of Steller sea lions in the water and hauled out on the rocks. They were in travel mode, however, and we enjoyed every minute with them after such an extensive search. We had a great run back to the dock under sunny skies, with the memories of such a cool day fresh on our minds!

-Michael Colahan

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