To Infinity and Beyond!!!

Everett PM

California sea lion on marker buoy
Close ups of #723
#383 giving an awesome show
Perfect weather

Naturalist log:

The second trip of the day started off much like the first, with blue skies all around and the sun shining down on the Possesion sound. We cleaned the boat and began to board the guests but we were in for a little treat before we left the docks. Two sport fishing boats had pulled up to the dock to offload and clean some fish which attracted a local harbor seal. The guests filed to the stearin of the boat to watch the show and at one point the seal even jumped out of the water onto the dock. After the seal got his free fish chunks he jumped back into the water and was gone… It was a great start to the trip!!!

We turned off the dock after the seal show and slowly made our way down Jetty island. At this point the tide was low and lots of beach was exposed attracting many small birds who were scattering back and forth on the shore. We continued on passed Jetty island and found our lazy California sea lion still napping on the green buoy just passed Jetty island. He looked up at us a few times allowing us to get his good side but was not very impressed and quickly went back to sleep. With that we continued out into the sound.

It didn’t take long at all for captain Scott to find our first whale of the trip. The blows shot up in front of the boat as #723(Lucy) was swimming back and forth between Hat island and the Snohimish river delta. He gave us some very close looks and captain Scott even managed to get Mount baker in the background a few times. Surprisingly #723 was showing his tail a lot even though he was in the shallows just outside the delta. After following him back toward Hat island and then back into the delta again we waved goodbye and headed off to search for more.

We had barely even gotten up to full speed when captain Scott spotted yet another whale. This time it was #383 and he was swimming and feeding in the shallows just south of Hat island. As we watched he turned on his side and began to feed occasionally blasting the surface with bubbles. We started getting a lot of tail shots and some really close passes as #383 began to get more comfortable with our presence.

Suddenly out of no where #383 roared up out of the water with a humongous spy hop. He was so high out of the water that his peck find were visible at the surface, it was insane!!!! After that he lowered back into the water and continued feeding. Then just as we thought his show was done he spy hopped again, nice and close I might add. We could tell #383 was happy to see us as he was showing off like a star. At one point he even began to swim backwards doing some type of whale moon walk and occasionally raising his rostrum into the air. He gave us a few more spy hops and some really close passes before heading toward the delta.

We then headed out toward the shallows off Hat island to see if there were any whales on the other side of the island. We didn’t find anything and so turned back and joined up with #383 as he headed into the delta. We then searched north toward Port Susan where we found two more whales in the distance. After a few good looks from afar we had to turn and head back to the dock.

It was an amazing trip and a stupendous show from #383 all the while in calm seas and under sunny skies!!!!

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