Gray Whale Hat Trick


Trip highlights
3 gray whales # 383, 723, and 21
Two bald eagles
California sea lion

As we started our trip today the fog was rolling in, and it put a definite chill in the air.  But the fog burned off quickly to be replaced by the heat of the sun, and it didn’t take long before Captain Scott spotted our first whale of the day just east of Hat Island.  As we cruised over it looked like we actually had two whales, or wait, maybe we had three!  Sure enough, three whales were swimming side by side in the shallow flats.

It was gray whales 383, 723, and 21!  383 showed his tail flukes right away then one of the whales raised his head out of the water while manuevering in the shallows!  Pretty soon the whales started to spread out and they even had us surrounded for a while.  Eventually 383 and 21 came back together and surprised us all with the best show of the day when they changed direction and surfaced right next to us!  We could feel the mist from their breath and smell the foul odor that comes with it!

After a good long visit with our whales we peeled off to look for more.  We spotted two bald eagles over at Camano Island then we came across a California sea lion swimming around in the open water just before one of our passengers spotted gray whale 723 again.  We watched him for a while, feeding in the shallows of the Snohomish River delta, before we had to turn and head back to the dock.  The weather was hot and sunny for most of our trip making for an ideal day!  Naturalist Bart Rulon.

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