Whales right from the start!!!

Everett  PM

Gray whale 531 within 15 minutes of dock
Great looks at gray whale 723
Stellar sea lions south of Whidbey island
Gray whales 723 and 49 on the way back in

Naturalist log:

This afternoons trip started out similar to this morning, with blue skies every where you looked and the sun beating down heavily on the earth. We did a quick clean up before boarding the passengers and then turned the boat away from the dock and headed out to more open waters. We hadn’t even gotten to the end of Jetty island before captain Carl had our first whale in his sights. We rounded the end of the island and heads quickly over to the whale to see who we had so close to port. It turned out to be #531 and she was once again moving around looking for a good spot to feed. She gave us lots of amazing looks at her tail as she dove to the bottom.

After watching her for a bit we continued on back toward the ferry crossing to the south. Before we could get there however, #723 showed up to put on a little show. He gave us some close passes and gave us some great looks at his tail as he went on deeper dives. A few times we even had the olympics in the back ground and the Washington state ferries!!! We had a great time with him before continuing on to the south.

As we reached the end of Whidbey island we passed a green marker buoy that again held signs of life, well sleepy life anyway. Two stellar sea lions were hauled out on the marker but we were searching for something bigger so we pressed on with out stopping knowing we’d be back. We headed west toward Point No Point and scoured the shores with hopes of more whales. We made a large circle scanning to the west and to the south but unfortunately all we found were some gorgeous looks at Mount Rainer.

On our way back we had a chance to stop in with the two stellar sea lions that had been napping earlier and wouldn’t you know it, they were still sleeping. As we neared the marker to get a good look one sea lion lifted its head to look at us but was clearly in amused as it put it right back down and was back to sleep in a flash. Neither sea lion was very big but they had both found a perfect spot to enjoy the sun that was still beating down.

We waved goodbye to these to lazy sea lions and continued north passed the ferries toward the docks once more. We weren’t to far from the marina when we spotted a few more blows ahead of us. Once again we had some gray whales just east of Mukilteo, doing shallow quick surfacings followed up by some lazy tails. It turned out to be 723 once again, still enjoying the day. Then suddenly just behind him #49 Patch surfaced and these two began to swim around together in the late afternoon sun. We got some amazing passes from these two huge whales and then waved goodbye as they swam off into the sunset…

What a B.E.A.utiful day it was to be on the water with sunshine and whales it was the perfect day for a trip!!!!

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