Hungry hungry gray whales!!!

Everett AM

#723 Lucy and #49 Patch swimming together
Tail shots from #383
Lazy tails from Patch and Lucy
Nice tails of 383 during some feeding behavior
Nice weather

Naturalist Log:

When we first arrived to the boat this morning the skies were gray and a light breeze was blowing across the seas. Small patches of sunlight were poking through the clouds and the cries of gulls echoed throughout the area. Passengers began to arrive, excited for the journey that lay before them, and the clouds even began to part, giving way to blue skies. The waters lay still upon the Possesion sound and in no time at all the bow of the Island Explorer 4 was blasting through them in search of whales.

It wasn’t long before captain Mike spotted the first whales of the day swimming in the shallows off of Gedney island. It was our friend #723 Lucy and our old buddy #49 Patch, swimming in circles and skimming the surface with their tail flukes. After a few looks we parted ways with the two whales and headed south toward the Mukilteo ferry landing. We hadn’t been going in that direction long before we had ourselves a 3rd gray whale, #383, who was swimming in the deeps and even showing his tail a couple times.

We left #383 and joined back up with #723 and #49 who were traveling north toward Gedney island. Here we watched them swimming again, in large circles, side by side. They brought their tails out of the water on a few surfacing before they made their way back into the shallows. Knowing it was unlikely that we’d see much more tail from them we headed off to the north. As we traveled around Gedney island we ended up running into #383 again. This time he was feeding in the shallows right off shore and yet was showing his tail, dive after dive. He fed back and forth for sometime before pointing himself again to the north.

At this point our time had run out and we began to make our way back to the dock. On the way in we found 723 and 49 once again and were able to get some good looks at them. It was a spectacular day on the water and we definitely got our full of whales.

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