Hey Lucy!!!

Everett Pm

723 and 56 east of Gedney island
531 and 49 up near Langley
Porpoises throughout the trip
Gorgeous weather

Naturalist log:

The afternoon trip started out much like the morning trip, with the sun shining down and blue skies everywhere. We quickly cleaned the boat and then greeted our guests before leaving the dock and heading out to the sound. By now the day had warmed up, jackets were coming off and smiles were growing left and right. We made our way down Jetty island again, watching a few pigeon guillemots swimming along the shore line, before turning west and heading out to more open water. The green can on the end of Jetty island was once again crammed full of cormorants drying out in the mid day sun. The waters ahead were calm and a breeze had begun to pick up.

We headed out to our favorite spot just off of Gedney island where we met up with gray whale 723 and gray whale 56!!! They were giving us some great looks but soon decided to split up and so we stuck with 723 for a while. 723 slowly cruised west as we followed showing a little tail here and there. A few times we even found ourselves down wind of this magnificent beast and boy does his breath stink!!!!Once he got to the west side of Gedney island we decided it was time to go and search for more. Captain Mike pointed the Island Explorer 4 north and we headed up Saratoga passage.

The clouds had begun to come in at this time and the air was beginning to cool but it didn’t matter because not long into our voyage up the pass we encountered 2 more gray whales. This time it was 531 and 49 Patch swimming together up the pass, enjoying the beautiful day that had unfolded and riding the current north. They both gave us some great looks as they cruised along allowing even the slowest of cameras to snap a photo here and there. They were very cooperative but we finally had to say goodbye and head in.

On our way in we searched for more whales but instead were joined by random groups of harbor porpoise feeding in the currents. The evening began to cool as we re-entered the Everett marina area but even so it was a perfect trip out on the water with so many whales and such perfect weather!!!!

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