Lucy showin tail!!!

Everett Am

Great looks at 723 with lots of tail shots
531 and 723 met up south end of Hat island
T46C’s plus other transient orcas north bound in Saratoga passage

Naturalist log:

The day started off with some decent wind blowing through the area and gray overcast skies above. White caps spotted the waters of the Possesion sound and the forecast wasn’t calling for it to come down until later but as they say in Hollywood the show must go on. We continued prepping the boat with like rain moving in and out of the area. After the boat was ready we gathered up our hearty guests and departed from the dock and out into the wild.

After searching Jetty island for signs of life and coming up empty handed we turned the Island Explorer 4 west and made our way out toward Gedney island. As we sailed along the search was in full swing, guests were outside scouring the waters and the crew was covering every inch of the sound. After passing the south end of Gedney island we made a brief swing to the south and then turned our search north. It wasn’t long before Captain Mike spotted our first whale of the day, it was Lucy #723!!! He put on quite a show for us giving us some great tail shots before circling the north end of Gedney and continuing south.

We followed Lucy south and before to long we began to see more blows in the distance. After getting a few more looks at Lucy we swung out to visit with our other whale. It turned out to be 531 and it wasn’t long before she was swimming and wrestling about with Lucy!!! At one point Lucy even pushed 531’s tail into the air, it was a great show. Not long after that the ferry captain of the Tokitae reported orca sightings near the Clinton landing and so we spun the boat and headed that way.

It took a few moments for us to pick up the orcas in the choppy seas but we were successful!!! It turned out to be members of the T46C group accompanied by a few more unidentified orcas. They were headed north bound and were making good time riding the flood tide as they went. We were able to get some nice close looks at these whales as we traveled alongside of them. It was a great show with a couple big males and a bunch of females. We departed them as they continued north into Saratoga passage and we headed back toward the dock. It was a great show from both types of whales and boy were we lucky to catch the orcas as they moved way up north by the time we got back to the dock.

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