531 playing in the surf!!!

Everett  Pm

Bald eagle on Jetty island
Brief looks at 723 south end of Gedney island
531 north side of Gedney rolling around
2 more bald eagles on Camano island

Naturalist log:

After getting into the docks and quickly cleaning the boat we were ready for our second trip of the day. The weather had calmed down a bit but it was still uncertain which way it was gonna go, however, we were not worried and were excited to sea what the afternoon trip held for us. We boarded our new group off guests and set forth into the sound. As we departed the dock a bald eagle took flight on Jetty island and escorted us down the channel to the end of the island. We took that as a good omen and continued onward into open water.

As we traveled west toward Gedney island, Captain Mike spotted some blows just off the south side of the island. We continued that direction for a little while before getting on scene and discovering Lucy was still around feeding in the shallows. This time around Lucy was difficult to spot, surfacing in the chop randomly here and there, and so we decided to depart and look for something else. It did not take Captain Mike long to find us another whale this time on the north end of Gedney island. When we got on scene the whale was definitely happy to see us as she began giving some amazing looks to the Island Explorer 4.

It turned out to be 531 and she was out having a good time with us thats for sure. She was showing a lot of tail but also faking us out at times, making us think she was gonna show tail but changing her mind at the last minute. As we continued with her along the shore of Gedney island she began to roll around in the shallows, one roll even looked like she was gonna spin a 180 but she surfaced and continued north bound. She continued to taunt us with some lazy flukes and every now and then graced us with some great looks at her tail. She was definitely happy to be back and feeding in the area again.

After the amazing show from Lucy we continued to ride the growing waves north into Port Susan along Camano island. Once again Captain Mike spotted a couple bald eagles, this time however they were getting into a scuffle with each other. We watched the eagles for a little while but with the winds picking up and the waves growing it was time to head back. We gave one last search as we passed Gedney island in hopes of seeing some gray whales but the shallows were bare and so we continued in to the dock. It was an amazing trip out on the water today!!!!

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