Gray Whales Galore!!!!

Gray whales #49, 56, and 723 off the South end of Gedney island
Multiple bald eagles on Camano island
Gray whale #531 swimming along the mainland shallows across from Camano
Returned to #49, 56, and 723 for some final views
Lots of harbor porpoise throughout the trip
Naturalist Log:
As the world awoke upon the day of the 21st, the sky was cloudy and gray but the weather seemed calmer than usual. A light breeze blew through the air and the river delta was screaming as the tide was ebbing and the waters were flowing back out to the open ocean. Seagulls soared around the boat sqawking and bellowing for a free snack to be tossed to them. A light rain began to come down just as we began to board the Island Explorer 4 but it quickly blew over and left just the overcast skies and gray colored waters behind.
As we left the dock we slowly cruised down Jetty island scanning for birds and especially scanning for the eagles that typically line the drift logs of the island. Today however Jetty island lay empty with just the waves from our wake dancing upon the shoreline. With that we continued on passed the end of Jetty and west toward Gedney island. We weren’t cruising long before Captain Mike spotted some blows ahead and we certainly were excited!!! 
What we originally thought was one animal suddenly turned out to be three different gray whales. After a few lazy passes the whales began to get more active and show off a little more tail. At first the whales did not seem to care for each others company but soon that changed and the whales began rolling over each other and at points pushing each other toward the surface. After some great looks at these whales we departed to the north in search of more wildlife. 
Captain Mike found an immature bald eagle just as we rounded the south end of Camano island. We watched the eagle take flight and fly along the shore line and so we followed it north into Port Susan. Not far from the immature bald eagle Captain mike, again spotted some eagles, these two were perched high in the trees, with one right above the other. Their white head and tail feathers made them very easy to find and get some nice photos as well!!!
We departed the eagles and headed to the mainland side to search for more animals as we headed south back toward Everett. Out of no where Captain Mike spotted another gray whale just swimming along by itself so we stopped in for a visit. The whale turned out to be #531and she was ziggin and zagging back and fourth really unsure of which direction she wanted to go. After a lot of amazing looks we said goodbye to 531 and headed back towards our whales from the beginning of the trip. 
We joined back up with #49, 56, 723 who were still swimming around in the same waters as they were in the morning. This time we got a bunch more amazing looks and watched the whales continue to roll around on each other!!!! It was a great day to be out on the water getting some great eagles and some even better gray whales. The rains were light when they fell and held off primarily until the end which only added to the magic of the trip!!!!

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